Fostering a community full of diverse voices is what we do best.

At HPI, we foster a spirit of inclusion and value diversity by encouraging applicants from all cultural backgrounds. A member of the HPI team for over 20 years, Julio Alarcon pursues excellence every day in his role as Setup Lead. Taking time to invest in his coworkers and learn new skills is what makes Julio a true team player and reflects the organization’s values. He considers HPI to be ‘like a family’ and appreciates the growth opportunities found within HPI. 


Supporting Jobs in the USA

An American manufacturer of storage, home organization, and laundry care products, Home Products International (HPI) is committed to a work environment that fosters innovative solutions and customer service excellence. Our headquarters and storage plastic manufacturing facility is located in Chicago, Illinois.


Bringing different generations and cultures together helps shape new ideas.

Over the years, HPI has become a melting pot of diversity. By encouraging applicants from all cultural backgrounds and establishing a “No Bad Ideas” credo, we believe every voice should be heard – from our seasoned employees to our interns. Because when knowledge and shared experiences from passionate people come together, we continually find new ways to improve organization for everyday life.


Ironing Boards Made in America

While other corporations are abandoning American manufacturing, we’re the ONLY domestic manufacturer of steel ironing boards, creating jobs here in the Midwest in Seymour, Indiana.


We pride ourselves on open communication to make change and bring growth.

Because the well-being of our staff is our top priority, we aim to create a comfortable and casual environment for our employees. Our open-door policy is what ultimately allows for greater workplace collaboration and approachability.


Our employees work together to adhere to safety standards and encourage shared responsibility in the workplace, making our safety culture at all our locations extremely successful.


We strive to operate as cost effectively as possible, all while producing high-quality products in a sustainable, conscious effort to move towards being a greener company.

Working for a US-based manufacturer means jobs for those who live here in the USA, and that we are capable of producing whatever is necessary for consumer needs with pride and care. HPI has always been a friendly family atmosphere. My position allows me the opportunity to connect with almost everyone in the company. The people I have met and the bonds we have established here together, make HPI feel like another home.

Annette Skipper | 15 Years at HPI

The United States is the greatest country in world and it means so much to me to build products here when so much is built overseas. I truly like the people and I get to use my skills that I feel make difference. It has been a very stable job and HPI appreciates their employees and their abilities they bring to the company.

Gary Hamblen | 20.5 Years at HPI

Safety is absolutely our highest priority at HPI. We do whatever it takes to make sure that our operators and employees are the safest they can be.

Christian Dockstader | 4.5 Years at HPI

I actually started as an intern here at HPI, and it has been a great experience to knowing my voice is always going to be heard.  It’s a great environment to learn from people who have been in the business for many years. Everyone really brought me on to the team and made me feel welcome here.

Melissa Lindsay | 3 Years at HPI

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